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Experience our one-of-a-kind approach to men's haircuts, shaves, and beard trims at HairPop Man Barber Shop.


Sit back and unwind in a stylish leather barber chair, and enjoy a timeless barbering experience. Our skilled barbers provide personalized services, including classic wet shaves and modern skincare and grooming.


Our services come with a complimentary consultation, straight-razor definition, hair wash, and hot towel treatment, just to name a few. Additionally, we offer our own Pop-Men Professionals hair and skin products in a lively and fun salon atmosphere.

Hairpop Barber shop

Elevate your lifestyle with Hairpop Man. Say goodbye to the typical barber schedule of working six days a week for minimum pay and benefits.


We've flipped the traditional model on its head by offering above-award wages, super, and a weekly salary of $1500 (for a 38 to 40 hour workweek). At Hairpop Man, there are no gimmicks or tricks, just the opportunity for you to live life to the fullest

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